110, 995 - POP


telnet 110


nc -n 110


openssl s_client -crlf -connect
  • s_client: SSL/TLS client program.

  • -crlf: translate a line feed from the terminal into CR+LF.

pop3-ntlm-info NSE Script

nmap -p 110,995 --script pop3-ntlm-info


POP3 capabilities are defined in RFC2449. The CAPA command allows a client to ask a server what commands it supports and possibly any site-specific policy.

pop3-capabilities NSE Script

nmap -p 110,995 --script pop3-capabilities


USER    Username or mailbox.
PASS    Server/mailbox-specific password.
STAT    Number of messages in the mailbox.
LIST    [ message# ] Messages summary.
RETR    [ message# ] Retrieve selected message.
DELE    [ message# ] Delete selected message.
RSET    Reset the session. Undelete deleted messages.
NOOP    No-op. Keeps connection open.
QUIT    End session.

Note: Server responses will start either with a successful (+OK) or failed status -ERR.

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